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Bearbotics is a high-challenge high-achievement applied STEM program that serves high-school students in LPSD (D38). This is a great program for students wanting to significantly grow their real-world STEM skills and knowledge before heading on to college or to high-value in-demand manufacturing jobs. While the core focus of Bearbotics is engineering and technology, students can also get important experience in critical skills like leadership, communication, project and business management, teamwork and applied creativity, in a supportive environment with extensive access to local professionals for mentorship.

Bearbotics now includes a FRC team (#4068) and 3 FTC teams (#19541, #19970 and #20771).


2022 Arizona North Regional


2022 Colorado Regional

"Gracious Professionalism" Award

2022 CO Southwest Metro Qualifier


2022 Summary:

  • Design and build highest-performing Bearbotics robot ever -- set the event high scores at 2 large competitions!

  • Start a FTC program and 3 new FTC teams to help rookies learn more

  • Lead a FRC Playoff Alliance to the Finals for this 1st time (2022 Arizona North)

  • One of our FTC rookie teams won the largest qualification tournament in CO

  • Win multiple important awards:

    • (FRC) Gracious Professionalism

    • (FTC) Innovate Award (twice)

  • Largest Bearbotics rookie class ever (26)

Want to improve efficiency on your robot? Are you spending a lot on sensors or components?

Then check out our extensive designs, references and resources on our Bearbotics Engineering Pages!

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