Mission and Vision


  • To provide a high-impact and engaging engineering-focused experiential learning program for LPSD/D38 high school students

  • We use robots to build better students and help them develop skills to succeed at the next stage of their lives, whether that's college education or work in trades and other professions

  • To ignite the creative spark and confidence to help students take on their future challenges, the bigger the better!


  • We seek to be the #1 extracurricular program for LPSD students planning to major in college in an engineering or technology field.

  • To be a leadership FIRST Robotics team in the Colorado region, a team that is respected and admired by the others and that helps grow and build the statewide FIRST community.

  • To be highly competitive on the field, regularly placing in the top 10% in Regional events.

  • To demonstrate the growth of team skills, knowledge and impact by regularly winning awards at competition events.

  • To grow the Bearbotics program with a long-term view to continued achievement and positive impact, so future team members can benefit from the same or even better experiences.