Bearbotics operates 3 FTC teams (19541, 19970 and 20771), enough to actively engage 20 - 30 students. These teams were formed in the Fall of 2021 to give more high school students the opportunity to build strong fundamental technical, engineering and teamwork skills before they progressed to the greater demands of the FRC program (4068). Students attending at least grade 9 from any Colorado D38 high school campus (or home school within D38 boundaries) are welcome to apply.

FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) builds competitive robots in an extracurricular team-based setting that helps students explore their interests and develop critical skills in technology, engineering, creativity, teamwork and leadership. Each year a completely-new game challenge is released, which maximizes the creativity, innovation and problem-solving activities. FTC robots feature both autonomous (self-directed) and remote-controlled actions, and can range from simple to very-complex. FTC robots are smaller, less powerful and less costly than FRC robots, but offer plenty of challenge for students. Most Bearbotics FTC students are in grades 9 and 10, and our teams compete in 2 or more events each year. Some events require overnight stays.

Information for this year's (2023-2024) FTC season:

Bearbotics FTC 2022-3 Highlights:

All 3 teams celebrate the Compass Award win with Coach Breton @ CO Champs!

Bearbotics FTC 2021-2 Highlights:

Team 19541 (Bearbotics "Alpha") poses after Winning Alliance @ CO SW Metro Qual