Get Connected

Thanks for your interest in Bearbotics! We are busy in a wide variety of activities -- you'll find more information about some of them, and links to get connected, below. 

We will hold any information you send to us in confidence. Personally-identifiable information will not be sent to any other organization, without your specific approval (note: we don't plan to send your info to anyone else in any case). We will not spam you; if you've indicated you want a response, we'll try to connect with you 2 or 3 times via email, and if not successful or you indicate you don't need further contact, we'll stop.

The "Big Excellent Awesome Robot" (BEAR) Project

We're gathering drawings of robots from our fans and friends, to use in our "BEAR" project which will design our new/upcoming Bearbotics team banner and other cool stuff. If we get a LOT of drawings, we'll use them in multiple banners and other media presentations. The drawing can be your best robot idea, your favorite robot -- or what you think robots will look like in the future. The robot can just be sitting there looking excellent, or it can be doing something cool. You can create this drawing anyway you want; our favorite way is on paper with crayons, when you visit with us at an event. But a picture sent to this email is OK too. It just has to be your creation or drawing, and by giving or sending us a copy you give us the right to use it (only for noncommercial purposes, of course). Thanks for your support, and check back here around Christmas time 2023 to see a final result! (We'll do our very best to use every nice robot drawing you send us. And if you provide the name and age of the artist, we'll put that in our credits list for the new banner, too.)

Assistance: starting a new robotics team

At Bearbotics, we LOVE robotics! Our specialty is FIRST(R) Robotics teams, ranging from FLL Challenge, to FTC and FRC (altogether, this fully covers grades 5 - 12). We have 10 teams in our fold, 9 started in the last 3 years! So we're confident we can provide you with insights and assistance to help you get started successfully -- including the highly-valuable connections to mentoring and funding resources. Whether you want to get started this year or next, let's connect (send us an email) and start planning together! (Note: our student team members must belong to Lewis-Palmer School District 38, but we can and do help teams outside and well-beyond our District boundaries.)

Here's a summary of programs we can assist with:

Get Started in combat robotics

Want to get involved in combat robotics? This is a great hobby for learning and experimentation in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering -- and there are no age limits on participation! (And let's share a secret: 4 of the top 5 teams on the TV show got started in either FIRST Robotics and/or small-size combat robotics!) So Bearbotics and Monumental Impact are hosting a full combat robotics tournament in Monument on 11/18/23, partnering with the Colorado School of Mines Robotics Club. We call it "Robot Chaos", and this event will feature Antweight (1 lb max weight) robots of both the Open and Plastic ("Plastic" robots must be 3D printed) classes. This is a great on-ramp for anyone wanting to get involved and learn more. And Bearbotics is offering extensive design and build information, and some classes/workshops to help rookies prepare. More info to help you Get Connected: