The CNC Project

Bearbotics is seeking funding to purchase a CNC Router in 2022 that will be dedicated to the team. This will enable students to learn high-value skills for college engineering programs and the local job market, while they fabricate important parts for our many robotics projects. A cost-effective capable model with the minimum useful specifications has been selected. An estimated budget of $8,000 has been determined for this purchase and set-up. We plan to use volunteer labor to set up and connect this machine to keep costs to a minimum.

Donations Requested

If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation toward this project, please go to the Monumental Impact online donation page, select or set the amount you want to donate, and make the note "Bearbotics CNC" in the description area (or you can send us an email to identify the purpose of the donation, and to ask any questions). Or, if you'd like to make the donation another way, please go to the "Donations" section here and follow the directions.

Thanks for your support!